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Hey, hey, hey!  Welcome to my website!

I’m Eric Siegle, born and raised in Tacoma, Washington.  Music has been in my blood for pretty much as long as I can remember.  I was the little kid who came out of big-screen motion pictures and said, “Man, that music was AWESOME!”  I started playing the piano at six; then moved to the sax as a tween; in high school, I played in concert bands, marching band, and—my favorite—jazz band and smaller combos.

At the same time, I was discovering my voice in a local youth choir.  However, it was in high school musical theatre that my passion for stage work took off.  My time at Baldwin Wallace has refined my skills, experience, and enthusiasm for the art form.   I graduated from BWMT in May and moved to NYC in June of 2021.

In my down time, I arrange and compose music, work on my guitar skills, cook elaborate meals (hello, foodie here), and kick back with my PlayStation. I’m high energy and love to laugh out loud.  

Check out my videos and photos to learn more about me.
Eric performing at BW Heartbreakers


Judy Boals - Boals, Winnett & Associates
1411 Broadway 16th Floor
New York, NY 10018
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